Who is Explorers' Playground?

We are a team of two. We are two people who found their passion through creativity. We are two people who like to use both sides of the brain, one of us being the artist who creates beautiful puzzle pieces and the other the jigsaw juggler trying to make the perfect puzzle. We are problem solvers. We are brand perfectionists. We are a team of two who strive to deliver smiles and big dreams to anyone that likes to smile and dream big. We are Explorers' Playground Inc!!

Enough about us--lets talk about you! Whether you are a mother from Chicago, a father from Seattle, a school teacher from New York, or a grandparent from Louisiana, you need toys and books that stimulate the children in your life. Explorers' Playground Inc. has created “The Horndribbles” just for you! Our products show those children in your life, and the inner child in you, how to learn through being creative, passionate and unafraid to explore the world. The Horndribbles are friendly, and fun-loving, monsters who live on--you guessed it!--Horndribble Island, a wild land full of endless places to go exploring! Are you ready to come on an adventure with us? 

What is a Horndribble?

About Us

Who is Herbert Joel?

Herbert Joel is an artist based in Denver,Colorado. Ten years ago, he imagined a wacky, fun, and special world full of monsters that he called “Horndribbles.” In order to bring this imaginary world a reality, Herbert began hand-sewing plush Horndribbles. At first, he made just a few dozen, which he gave to his family and friends. Their popularity inspired him to sew several hundred more Horndribbles for sale at local art shows. Today, it is his great honor to share with you these special monsters and the adventures that go with them!

Herbert Joel