Zapp is one of the most easygoing  and friendly Horndribbles you are likely to meet. He loves to eat, play with his pals, and take long naps. Zapp  is widely considered to be one of the best tree-climbers on the island. But, he doesn’t do this for popularity or awards; he does it because trees are the best place to find his favorite food, the Oogha-Oogha  nut! No food is off-limits to Zapp, who will try anything once and, more likely, twice!!  After a meal, or even a small snack, Zapp embraces his second-favorite pastime, napping!  He can fall asleep anywhere, at any time! Once he is in a deep slumber, his loud snore can be heard echoing throughout the Waka Forest. Favorite saying: “It’s Nap Time!”





Hux is one of the best athletes on Horndribble Island. His high energy, long tail, and extremely competitive attitude put him in a league of his own. He loves to play games, such as "Zing and Dart"  or "Oogah-Oogah Dash" but can sometimes be a sore loser. Hux is also a champion "Bluebang" swatter and has won the annual "Bluebang Swat-Off" three years in a row. He loves to remind the other Horndribbles about all his trophies.  When he is not playing "Bluebang", you can find him high up in the trees of the Waka Forest with his best friend, Zapp. The two of them love to go on adventures together. Hux is always searching for danger! Zapp, on the other hand, is just looking for food. Favorite saying:  “It's Play Time” 



Mosby is famous on Horndribble Island for her incredibly soft fur. She loves to knit scarves and blankets for all her pals to keep them warm on those cold winter nights. When she isn’t knitting, she collects herbs and spices in Fuddy-Duddy Fields or takes long baths in the Namby-Pamby Creek. Once a month, you will find her rolling around in the Bubbleyummy Blossom fields so she can keep her fur smelling nice and fresh. But, her absolute favorite thing, by far,is to tell the gang a wonderful bedtime story after cooking dinner. Favorite saying: “Goodnight, my sweet Horndribbles!"




Meeks is the most clever of the Horndribbles. He loves to go to school and learn new things during the day and work on his experiments at night. He lives in a large, underground burrow deep in the Waka Forest, where he has complete privacy to focus on creating new, and cool gizmos and gadgets to impress his classmates, especially Mosby. His most famous gizmo is the Fur Fluffer 2000, a top-selling item in all the tree hollows in Waka Forest. Favorite saying:  "It's Time to Invent!"




Annabelle is one of the most adventurous little girls you are likely to come across. From a very young age, she has been exploring the world on her grandfather's fishing boat. On her ninth birthday, her grandfather surprised her with a collection of journals that he found floating on a deserted raft out at sea. Little did she know, these journals would introduce her to the Horndribbles and a whole new world for her to learn about and explore.  Favorite saying:  “The world is a big playground, so keep exploring!"